Focus of one, power of all

Wizz Real aims to change the real estate world and give cities back to communities.

Only communities know where to invest and what is best for their neighborhood. We keep in mind that real estate ownership is the most natural way how people build the wealth for their children's brighter future.

Step 1


Our intelligent algorithm scans the real estate market in the Czech Republic every day and looks for interesting opportunities with the potential for price growth
Step 2

interested people

We will perform due diligence on the property and if it passes our strict selection, then we will prepare the project and offer it to other interested parties.
Step 3

real estate

We will buy the property together with you under the agreed terms. If it makes sense, we provide credit leverage for the purchase of real estate.
Step 4

Taking care
of earnings

We will prepare a long-term real estate development plan, we will provide management and administration. We invest with you and are interested in long-term returns.

New investments available

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Successful investments

We select properties
with high growth potential

We have completed various projects for hundreds of millions of crowns. Together, we bought entire apartment buildings in Prague, hectares of land with potential for the construction of family houses in Central Bohemia, but also private matters such as workshops in Prague before re-approval for a residential unit.

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Tomáš Koubek
Czech national team player

I know that the career of a professional athlete does not last forever, so I try to think about the future. I rely on Wizz Real as one of the pillars of my future annuity. I like that I don't have to worry about anything, and yet I have a guaranteed growing investment in apartments - that is, tangible property that no one will take away from me.

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We have prepared some of the most frequently asked questions and answers for you. We are happy to answer other questions by phone or e-mail.
1What is Wizz Real?
Wizz Real is an association of people who have decided to invest their savings in real estate because they believe in their long-term growth and are close to the idea of a conservative approach to investments. We try to grow and recruit new and new members to our ranks, but never at the expense of the original intention - to find unique properties on the market, implement a long-term business plan for them and manage them with a reasonable return in the long term.
2What amount will I need?
It depends a lot on the specific project, location and possible additional costs, however, you can buy real estate in our projects for relatively lower amounts. Contact us directly so that we can look at your case together or simply look at our projects at
3Where can I find specific projects?
We process all properties that pass our careful selection into a comprehensive project, which is available at . Just log in with Facebook, Google or your email.
4I may need to sell the property - will it be possible?
Yes, even faster and safer than anywhere else. On our secondary market, investors can sell them to each other, with us guaranteeing both sides of the deal - we know the condition of the property and the investors themselves. Of course, it is possible to sell in the classic way. It's up to you.

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